Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Hugs, Baby Kisses... er Slobbers...

Forewarning:  This is going to be a semi-mushy post.  If you are against such things, I suggest you take yourself to the nearest corner with earbuds, headphones, or earplugs in hand.  Place said object in/over your ears.  Pull knees to chest.  Wrap arms around your legs.  Commence rocking.  One of the little blog fairies will come and inform you when it's safe.  ;)

Before my daughter was born my Mother decided she was going to come visit us and be here for her arrival.  Of course, my daughter is just as stubborn as I am and decided to wait until her Nana got here.  Only, she didn't just wait until her Nana showed up, she made the doctor's drag her into the world.  Like I said, she's stubborn.  ;)  

Anyway, after we'd brought her home and I was fairly exhausted one day, my Mother said something that brought quite a bit of light into our little world... at least for me.  I was feeding my daughter and she was busy looking up at me as her hand wandered up and her little fingers curled around my index finger.  I remember smiling at her, watching her eyes close, as she relaxed against my arm.  My Mom informed me that what my daughter was doing with her little fingers curling around my finger was called a 'baby hug'. 

The thought of those little "baby hugs" still sticks with me, even now that she's going to be 8 months old and she no longer does them.  Now the only type of baby hugs that I get are if she somehow mimics my hugs, which she does at times.  Trust when I say that I soak them up like they are going out of style.  I know that, someday, I'm going to be grabbing and pulling her to give me a semblance of a hug. 

However, what she does do now is this slobbery type of kiss.  A baby kiss.  She mimics what she believes to be a kiss, the kisses that she is showered with every day.  She hasn't quite grasped how to blow kisses just yet, or how to smack her lips on someone's cheek as we do hers.  Instead, she leaves her mouth wide open and attempts to swallow our whole cheek and it gives this slobbery effect... a baby kiss.  They're the sweetest type of kiss.  While I love chocolate and Hershey's kisses and coffee... I would take just one of her baby kisses over coffee and chocolate.  (Y'know, unless my husband owes me an apology!  So, don't tell him!  It's our little secret!)

These moments with my daughter are the sweetest moments in the world.  When she's busy attempting to crawl all over me and she stops to look up at me, smiling as if she's discovered some great secret and she plants one of her baby kisses on my chin.  Or, I get one of those special hugs with a baby kiss on my cheek... right when it's needed the most.  *sigh*  Maybe I'm crazy and it's all in my head.  Perhaps I'm really lucky and she knows just what she's doing when she's acting as my saving grace on a perfectly horrific day.  I'm hoping for the latter.  I have enough crazy in my world. 


Celia said...

Oh how I miss those days! Cherish them always with all that you have! Love this one the best so far! Thank you for sharing and reminding me of all those that I too have been blessed with and all that I have to share still <3