The Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Mother...

I started this blog for my own purposes, mainly as a way to have more interaction with adults.  I am a proud military wife, a stay at home mother to a beautiful little girl, and a college student.
The only problem at the current point is that my husband is constantly working... constantly.  This is obviously expected, and I'm not complaining - and I can't really.  Though I do at times, hey I'm allowed!  My daughter's only language at this point is "Dada, Mama, and Baba."  So conversations are limited.  One sided conversations DO get old... even if I am right all the time.  And college at this point is online.  While I do get adult interaction with college, trust that some of the people I go to class with are annoying.  

So this is my outlet.  I have a few friends here, far from home.  But, as we are military wives, we are busy with our lives.  Whether it be our husband's and their career or our children and their needs.  It is rare that we're able to schedule free time with one another, unfortunately.  This is a way for me to take topics that I'm passionate about and spin them to other adults.  As well as topics that I just find outright funny, or well... stupid.  =)

I hope you all enjoy!  (Or at least have a laugh at my expense!)