Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello, Hola... Yeah, you get it.

This blog is aptly named, it's going to be about whatever I feel like writing about at that moment in time.  I've been meaning to start it up for ... oh, I dunno, a week now?  That sounds about right.  One slight issue with that, I'm the worlds greatest procrastinator.  Name something and I've likely found a way to procrastinate doing it.  My daughter was even born past her due date.  Because of that, I believe that procrastination is hereditary.  Laugh at me, it's okay.  The voices in my head do.  So her birth date was either her procrastination or mine... I haven't decided yet.  I'm even procrastinating on the decision!  This is supposed to help me cure a bit of procrastination though.  If I have something that I have to come back to once a day, or at least every other day, and write something then I will... or should.  No, really, I will.  

Okay, enough of that.  This blog will range in topics from my life as a stay at home mom, to school, to politics, my life as a military wife, and likely things that make no sense at all.  Seriously, who makes sense on a caffeine high when they're awake at 3 a.m. and haven't had sleep in ... I don't know how long?  I don't even know if that paragraph about procrastination makes sense and I really don't feel like re-reading it.  

Coffee is my life line.  Actually, caffeine is my life-line... usually in any form.  Chocolate is my best friend, so if anyone out there had the misconception that you were my best friend then sorry you were mistaken.  I truly am.  Dearest husband, I am sorry to say this (kind of) but if I could have, I would have married the owner of a chocolate factory.  The only reason I did not is because of my hips... and my ass.  I really don't need either spreading out any more than they already are.  In fact, I need to get them under control as it is.  *sigh*  

Maybe I should write about my caffeine addiction... nah, it's not a problem unless I think it's a problem.  Hence, no problem.  All is right in the world.  =)


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As I eat a Sausalito and try not to choke on laughter, and cookie, Lol!