Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello My Name is ___ and I'm a Blog Stalker. =) Welcome to My World.

I'm a Blog Stalker .. sometimes a Facebook Stalker.  Many times both.  Ha!  In all seriousness there are some people out there that I am friends with that I find that interesting and I just can't help but check their blog constantly.  I also check their Facebook all the time for updates.  At least a few of them know who they are.  Sure, that makes me a weirdo... whatever.  If people didn't already know I was weird when they became friends with me, I'm pretty sure that was their downfall and not mine.  At least I'm going to think so because in my world everything is better... or at least it's about me most of the time.  Okay so not so much since having my daughter, or I'd be a shitty Mom, but in this world it is about me.  So there. =)

Now that I'm done sounding like an adolescent on her rag, back to the topic.  Those people that I stalk... and troll... I came across something super funny, and sort of creepy. 

There are Moms out there that have business cards.  Yeah, they look a little something like this...

Really, Moms have to have business cards now?  When the hell did this happen?  When I was a kid and my Mom met someone she liked, wanted to keep in touch with, etc. she would dig out a piece of paper or an old receipt and jot down her number.  I am in sheer disbelief that people actually do this.  Why?  Are SAHM's really that in need to have something to define themselves that we need to get business cards for play dates?  (I am a SAHM, so don't go getting your panties in a wad.)  That is the only logical explanation that I can come up with.  And that just sounds... sad.  Really, really sad.  I'll probably catch flack for that from someone out there anyway.  Oh well. 

For those out there that are doing this for organization purposes... I have OCD and really, I'm not this organized.  I'm not putting anyone with OCD down because mine sucks, it sucks big time.  So if that's your issue, I'm sorry. 

Anyhow, the point is that I sort of stalk another blog, Ill-Advised Parenting Tips from the Bloggess, she rocks.  She posted these business cards that she made that she has one sale.  I seriously need to buy some of these in case a Mom approaches me with the above business cards.  Here's the website, The Bloggess Mommy Cards.  The one I'll most likely get is

"I'm going to offend you eventually so let's just get this out of the way.  Fuckity Fuck Fuck." 
Hey, if I'm lucky that works for the blog too!! =)  Check out the Mommy Business cards... the ones that people buy in seriousness are very nice... I just don't see the point personally.  Then check out the smartass ones.  Those are hilarious!!!