Sunday, February 6, 2011

In My World...

In this lovely world people are considerate, white chocolate mocha's are never ending (depending on my mood it could be a Vanilla Latte - and sometimes they're Iced - y'know, depending on the weather), chocolate is readily available - and free just like the coffee, and my child is always happy.  Because people are considerate they are not constantly shoving their opinions down my throat and telling me how much I suck as a parent or how wrong I am.

Go back to that last sentence. 
Because people are considerate they are not constantly shoving their opinions down my throat and telling me how much I suck as a parent or how wrong I am.
If only this were true.  It's not just on one thing, it's on a number of things.  Whether it's with someone I've just met that really doesn't understand the entirety of the situation, or a friend who thinks their way is better. 

I do not always believe, I know, I am right.  In all seriousness, there are times I am wrong.  I will argue until I am blue, or purple, in the face if I am passionate about the topic and I believe that I am right.  I will not back down until I've been proven that I am wrong.  Then, and only then, will I apologize for being oh, so very wrong.  

However, there is a point when people should stop arguing, debating, or discussing.  That point is when another person is attempting to tell someone else how to parent their child. 

Back to the topic at hand.  A while back I was involved in a debate about ear piercing on a debate board, which I won't mention as I no longer frequent there because it got stupid fast.  Who would've thought that it was such a heated topic?!  I was told that I am a cruel Mommy and that ear piercing is a barbaric ritual, just as circumcision is for both male and females.  My jaw literally fell open, females I agree with and for males I believe it's more about remaining clean.  

I merely wanted my daughter's ears pierced at a young age because I know how painful it is to have them pierced when you're older.  And, I know that they can close up when you're older, even if you have them pierced as a baby.  So, if she decides to let them close she can.  This woman, in response, compared me to mass murderers!!!  I kid you not, all because I wanted to put white gold studs in my daughter's ears.

I was 'told' how to parent my child, in no uncertain terms.  I was told that I was not a good mother, instead I didn't deserve to have a baby at all!  I sat here, in my computer chair, breathing fire.  I believe my eyes turned bright red and I was, breathing fire.  It's quite possible I had to purchase a new keyboard... the entire thing sort of escapes me at the moment.  I was that angry.  

*Disclaimer:  I have to add this in because I have nothing against granola/crunchy mom's.  In fact, kudos to you ALL because there is NO way I could do it.  But this woman... she had issues.  Big ones.* 
(AND I have no way of knowing if she was a 100% crunchy/granola Mom.  I just know that she was going on and on about how I probably didn't do things the way she did like cloth diapering and breast feeding, so I was wrong, which made me an even worse mother... of course that only fed into the fire-breathing bitch that I was becoming...)

I told her to take her crunchy ass and wash her damn underwear because she'd gone SO crunchy that she'd obviously foregone doing laundry for fear of using the Earth's natural resources.  


Yes, I was a bitch... and that was only the beginning.  There was no reasoning with her, I had tried in previous posts.  When it got to her telling me I didn't deserve my child... well, I sorta lost it.  Obviously. 

She ended with stating that my daughter would hate me later in her life for piercing her ears but she hoped, on every star in the sky, that my daughter would forgive me. 

I laughed as I read that as I'm laughing now.  Really?  That's what she'll hate me for?  Not the dates I'll ruin, not the parties I'm going to forbid her from going to, not the boyfriends I'll embarrass her in front of... but because I pierced her ears?  Wow.  Well, if she does hate me in her teenage years, I'm doing something right.  Go me!!  =) 


Stacey said...

People are idiots and you are an awesome mom.
That is all. :)